"One of the great truisms that applies to managing people is: No one comes to work with a desire to fail.  Although at times it appears that employees try to perform poorly, most everyone actually wants to do a good, or at least adequate, job.  So why is it that people sometimes do fail at work?"

“Kim is well versed in the Human Resources body of knowledge and gave an informative small group atmosphere that was fun to learn in."
-Lisa Lewis, Indianapolis Motor Speedway

"No doubt about it, being a manager of people is like walking a tightrope.  Balancing the best interests of employees and the company can be a difficult challenge, even on good days.  As a manager, your first obligation is to the employer whose name is on your paycheck; however, that employer has placed you in a position to safeguard employee interests, too.  As many of us have learned the hard way, being a good manager is not tantamount to winning a popularity contest."

“Practical nature of the material was good-no 'pie in the sky mumbo jumbo"..."discussion sessions were enjoyable."
-Vic Corenflos, Bemis Company


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