"Helpful info...things that can be realistically applied."
-Michael Fisher, Ivy Tech State College

Employees today are just not like that use to be; no one is loyal to their company anymore; what happened to dedication from employees? Statements similar to these are commonly heard from business owners and managers these days. The fact is, expectations of the American worker have changed. With media attention focused on our current recession, corporate reorganizations, mergers, and sales and the resulting downsizings and layoffs, the American worker has good reason to wonder whether his or her job will be around for long. Facing such an uncertain job future, it is no wonder that workers often don't get too committed to their current employer. Not surprising, since commitment is a two-way street."

"This course made me realize I can do a lot more for and with my employees."
-Chris Davies, Union Hospital (formerly of YWCA)

"Presentation was concise, practical, and to the point."
-Susan Saxton, Citizens National Bank



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